Vata Investments - Business tradsmen of Wanneroo be Warned

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Dont go out to any of Vata Investments call outs.This guy, Calls you out to do plumbing then dosnt pay.

From what i have found, this is what this guy has done this to other people as well .( VATA INVESTMENTS) DONT RESPOND TO ANY CALL OUTS FROM HIM, HE S A SCAMMER. ASK FOR MONEY UP FRONT BEFORE DOING ANY WORK. He says hes a proffesional business man, well business men pay their accounts they dont ignore phone calls and letters.

But im sure he wont ignore legal action.Best of all have a witness with you so you can back your self up.

Vata Investments - We luv u long time/fake massage business

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VATA INVESTMENTS allowed this business to be opened in our business area with families and hard working families trying to make an honest living. we have been on Villanova Street with our family business. One of our customers went into this place to genuinly recive an massage. he was asked if he

"wanted and hand job" when he replid no, she couldnt get him out of there quick enough.

villanova centre has never been looked after by the landlord or really given a *** about any thing.

every day we have to look at the disgusting mess that hes quite ok with, Now hes hit rock bottom and obvisiously didnt do his homework on these people.They are open late at nite, with the usual flashing lights, "*** are open. police have already been called out and they have only been open 2 weeks.

"massage queen" they also have on the door, sport injurys and deep tissue massage, dont you have to have qualifications to advertise that?

theres quite a few of tradies going in there, wow these guys must like diseases or some thing. cant wait to see how the locals react to this, the shire is going to be told this week, so maybe they wont be there as long as they think. why would VATA INVESTMENTS put a *** shop in a shopping centre?

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Who gives a *** , I just want a good cheap hand Job with a smile... Congratulations on providing the perfect service.


Obviously you haven't had a massage there....I'm a mature 51 year old lady who has frequented this massage salon weekly since its opening.

I work long hours and the convenience of going for a massage after dinner is fantastic. It's clean, hygenic and smells beautiful. Soft relaxation music is played and I have had most of the young ladies do my massage and they are all very good. If the Shire asks my opinion I'd recommend them to stay.

There are clear signs on the walls that state no sexual massage.

So maybe just maybe you customer asked for the hand job, got refused and left dissatisfied.So sit back in your little box mind your own F*%king business and get on with life.....


I frequent the massage queen shop in question and have serious back injuries.I can tell you that the owner has helped me with my back and my doctor agrees.Thank you massage queen for great service, much appreciated.

Why cant you sour people with nothing else better to do get a life.:grin


Well let me tell you something mate, I am family of the owner of that shop and I know for a fact "Fat ***" that you are the previous owner of that dirty take away shop(sold greasy food to people in old oil) that used to be on the corner of that centre that did not pay his rent and bills and got thrown out by the very gracious owners who gave you plenty of help.

You have been to court with the owners and lost your case because you are dodgy people who try to screw good people over and are venting your payback at innocent people who you dont know at all.

Now I can tell you that the council has investigated the shop and the findings have found nothing untoward.

I will also tell you another thing" If you think I am going to stand by and let you slander a hard working ladies little business because of your failed business, you've got another thing coming. I will sue the pants of you and if you've got the knackers why don't you meet me face to face, I know very well who you are.

P.S What would you be doing with a link to Langtrees that you posted the comment on yourselve? Be very careful! Your playing a dangerous game.


I live in the area and i will be calling a few people tomorrow to discuss how this business is open. False advertising, and once i tell more people who live in the area, im sure soon enough we can get rid of thia dirty business. As for the comments above, are you both sick of using your own hands for plessure and cant find anyone who would do it for free that you have to go pay someone!

Maybe you two should catch up...make a good match...desperate!!!

Goodbye massage queen :grin


I have been for massage several times very relaxing and theraputic for my sore back I don't know what diseases you are talking about but I am sure u can't catch anything from a massage sounds Ike u should go get a massage yourself u are very uptight :p Btw I thought this site is for consumers not businesses what are you pissed of consumer about I hope massage queen stays open a lot longer than ur business even u dont have the balls to say what u do or what ur business is called


Why don't u get a life and worry about ur own business has this shop done something or u just jealous because they are obviously getting more business than you are

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Vata Investments - We luv u long time

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we buisness people on villanova street work our butts off to earn an honest living. vata investments again have exceled themselves and opened up a knocker shop for the sleezy men,.

it says "massage queen" obvisously the landlord has no clue how to be a manager of abusiness centre or care. we have men going in and out"literly" all day. In fact one of our customers went in and asked for a massage, while on the bed he was asked "would you like a hand job" when he replied no, she couldnt get him out of there quick enough. we look across from our businesses and its very clear that its not ligitimate. we have notifide the police and they are being investigated. But hey how about the landlord do his home work before letting these people open shop here.

over the years we have watched the villanova centre go down hill , now its hit rock bottom.

good on ya vata investments, great job in lowering the working class area, cant wait to see what happens when the locals find out about this. the shire is going to find out on tuesday.




Maybe your just a bitter lady who has nothing better to do with your days than look for *** to stir, why are you worried your hubby might need some attention?Ha ha ha LOL..

feeling a bit vunerable are we.

Grow up, get a job or take up sewing or something.:zzz


Closing our business now,cant compete with a rouge landlord and a sex shop next door.

pitty the community of wanneroo didnt do something about the sex shop in their area.another buisness closes and a sex shop wins,and vata investments is happy to stand by that. good on you, vata investments. Ash your a top bloke,great landlord.NOT.

VATA Investments Perth

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This company is a fraud - seek out local people to do works at their shopping centre on wanneroo road - wanneroo Perth, then they refuse to pay for the works carried out.This guy is pathetic and shouldn't be in business.

It's people like this who send other small businesses to the wall. Don't touch this guy, he is a fraud.

Even after numerous phone calls and even the services of a debt recovery company they still are refusing to pay for the services.He has even said no one saw me doing work there...looser stay away

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We know what you mean, take him to the tribunal cost $66.its worth it, he s been taken to court so many times i cant belive hes still allowed to work, but hold on, he dosnt have his licence to manage any property.

so go for it.

what he did to you and others is totaly ilegal, he gets people to do the work then dosnt pay them.iv seen it for myself.


Yep i agree totaly, its worse ts worse if your a tenant.the building falls down around us and its not his responsiblty, claims for work that clearly dosnt get done.

a huge scammer.

how is he allowed to get away wth this and be taken to court so many times and loose.not fair for the small business guy

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