we buisness people on villanova street work our butts off to earn an honest living. vata investments again have exceled themselves and opened up a knocker shop for the sleezy men,.

it says "massage queen" obvisously the landlord has no clue how to be a manager of abusiness centre or care. we have men going in and out"literly" all day. In fact one of our customers went in and asked for a massage, while on the bed he was asked "would you like a hand job" when he replied no, she couldnt get him out of there quick enough. we look across from our businesses and its very clear that its not ligitimate. we have notifide the police and they are being investigated. But hey how about the landlord do his home work before letting these people open shop here.

over the years we have watched the villanova centre go down hill , now its hit rock bottom.

good on ya vata investments, great job in lowering the working class area, cant wait to see what happens when the locals find out about this. the shire is going to find out on tuesday.

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Maybe your just a bitter lady who has nothing better to do with your days than look for *** to stir, why are you worried your hubby might need some attention?Ha ha ha LOL..

feeling a bit vunerable are we.

Grow up, get a job or take up sewing or something.:zzz


Closing our business now,cant compete with a rouge landlord and a sex shop next door.

pitty the community of wanneroo didnt do something about the sex shop in their area.another buisness closes and a sex shop wins,and vata investments is happy to stand by that. good on you, vata investments. Ash your a top bloke,great landlord.NOT.

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